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"Our software can put your brand onto multiple public screens which are instantly updated with new property commissions that you receive."

What is GetSeenonScreen (GSoS)

Remote agent is a network of digital notice boards that promote your brand beyond your office reach.

By installing screens in places other than your office, you can reach a market further from your office and reach more people

The image to the right shows how RemoteAgent can help you to extend your agent reach.

To begin using RemoteAgent, follow the instructions below.

Steps on how to set-up

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Step 1


INEA is a FREE service for any British Estate Agent and is the fastest growing network of Independent Agents in the UK. It provides a proven MLS (Multi Listing Service) facility that allows you to choose to collaborate with other agents in your area; it provides a live feed of thousands of overseas properties, and a whole bunch of other useful Estate Agency features. And it is FREE!

Click here to join

Step 2

Upload your properties

You can do this manually, but most reputable Estate Agent software will also provide a data feed so you can pass the properties to INEA at the same time that you send them to any other portal (eg RightMove, Zoopla etc.) Your properties will also appear in the INEA portal. And that is FREE too.

Step 3

Set-up a digital screen

You can set-up as many as you would like and all you require is a screen, a PC and access to the Internet. We have some suggested configurations and partners who are ready to help if you need it.

To view details on the various screen set-ups that you could implement click here.

Step 4

Download software

DOWNLOAD our software. Our help desk is available to assist with any installation problems. At the end of this you will have a public screen which displays details of all your current properties as a 5 minute movie that appears every 12 minutes. And even that is FREE.
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Step 5

Sell Adverts

In exchange for all these free services we ask only that you allow us to advertise on your screens. You can sell adverts direct to companies you work with and you will earn a 25% commission. Place an advert on your screen. You can also ask us not to place competing adverts.

Step 6

Activate screen

Need to provide us with full details of what sort of screen it is, where it is located, embargoed advertisers. We will then provide an activation code.

Go To Screen Details and activation (note: can have multiple screens for 1 agent can also have a single screen shared between multiple agents )

To find out how to uninstall the software please click here.