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For INEA Agents

What is RemoteAgent

"Our software can put your brand onto multiple public screens which are instantly updated with new property commissions that you receive."

RemoteAgent is a network of digital notice boards that promote your brand beyond your office reach.

Remote screens allow an agent to expand thier brand and whilst someone is spending 10-20 minutes of their routine time, what better way to broadcast your brand, properties and services to them.

Why not set up a screen in some of the following places?

- The golf course attracts high wealth individuals

- The garden centre is a great for country agents

- Commuters waiting for trains

- Coffee shops where viewers go between viewing times

- Student bars and launderettes next to universities

Broadcast your listings to audiences other portals simply can't reach.

Download Software

If you would like to see how the RemoteAgent software works, download it onto your own PC and give it a try.

Once you have seen it you can set up a screen and PC wherever you want and we will help you to fill it with all the properties you have with INEA.

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