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Please follow the steps below to uninstall the INEA Remote Agent

To uninstall INEA Remote Agent first click on the start menu icon


This will bring up the start menu, click all programs and scroll down until you find INEA Remote Agent. Click on the folder and then this will extend showing ‘Settings’ and ‘Uninstall’ Click ‘Unistall’ to proceed.


A window will then appear as shown below, click on the ‘Uninstall INEA Remote Agent’ to begin uninstallation.

Note: leaving the box unchecked will also uninstall TightVNC if you wish to leave TightVNC on your computer but remove the access from INEA please check the box before pressing the uninstall button.


A confirmation window will appear confirming that this action will remove INEA Remote Agent from your computer, Click ‘OK’ to begin the uninstallation.


A window will then appear letting you know that the Uninstallation was successful, Click ‘OK’ to finish.


We would just like to thank you for trying/using our INEA Remote Agent